It started a decade ago.

I was 11 years old. My big brother launched a site full of comedy and intriguing tidbits of anarchy and chaos. Everything from antics and escapades working on the sales floor at wal*mart with Ehrnreiter to firing a potato cannon at passing vehicles.

I’ve witnessed this site grow over the last decade, seen it mature and develop. It started as a simple outlet for funny articles written by my brother and occasional contributors and other such things. Then as the years wore on and my brother learned more and more about web development, The Axalon began to morph and pupate. It became a cocoon, changing it’s look and even it’s very structure internally. Drawing in a faithful fanbase of friends from near and far and holding them close, leaving them lingering on the end of every post, every idea Michael posted or sometimes even vented to the masses.

The machine was now alive inside it’s shell of ideas and dreams and electric sheep. The cocoon split asunder eventually, and out crawled a new machine. Streamlined, secure, strong. It was unlike anything I had ever seen my brother create. It was a beautiful mass of simple lines and tasteful darkness, tinged with an image of the site’s namesake in the greyscale. It was a magnificent acheivement of effort and ideal design. Even the content, once funny but somewhat immature, had developed into sleek, sexy one liners and articles that everyone can relate to in some way. The site had garnered emotional content beyond a comedic outlet for a mind brimming with ideas. It was now tangible human thought, feeling, emotion. And so it has been, for some 4 to 5 years now. Half it’s lifespan has been spent as an adult site. Flagship domain of an entity I like to think of as Smalley Enterprises.

And really, my brother is an enterprising, entrepreneurial individual. I’ve watched many of his creations go from an piece of unmolded mental clay, to a finely sculpted and detailed finished product. I’ve watched him take that clay and work it into a malleable media, ripe for his mind to influnce. A lot of these ideas I have myself been invited to provide content for, which I have happily obliged on occasion. I’ve had ideas bounced off of me for ten years or so now, and I can honestly say not many have been “bad”. Detuned Radio, The Axalon itself and now even Recycled Retro. There have been many ideas come to fruition, live out their lifespans and pass quietly on into the hall of the gods, having lived out their epic and wondrous cycles.

But the one steady, constantly beating pulse behind it has never faded out. The Axalon has stayed strong, providing content for the fans, for the friends, for the family of people that love to watch the ideas be born and sculpted, that love to read the articles and laugh alongside one another, who relish in my brother’s unique sense of humor and comedic stylings. We love to read about the experiences most people would consider rough times, and watch as Michael puts a spin on it, turning it into a goldmine of rich experience and laughing fits. And the laughs will go on, for many years I’m confident. That sense of humor has never failed him, or failed to shine through. It has even served me well in my years, having adapted my own sense of humor from the special way my brother looks at and experiences life. It’ll never get old, seeing him twist something bad into something awesome. Seeing him turn a mediocre occurence from his day to day life into a witty and sarcastic experience for the books. Watching him take something that was already hilarious, and push it so far over the top that you can’t breathe, your ribs hurt, your head swims with dizziness.

So as time continues to wear on, I know The Axalon, and thusly Michael, will wear on with it, ever changing, ever adapting to a world that is itself in a constant state of growth. The days are just packed, friends, and it’s a magical world. And you better believe the magic will continue.

But seriously, there’s a family of kittens living in Lawn & Garden, and they WILL steal your car.