The question here is how much is too much? How much of myself do I put out there of myself? There isn’t much on this site that doesn’t let on to some part of my personality in the very base of it all. The Axalon is a very personal part of me. If you read anything into it, you must realize that I am well anchored into my sense of humor.

Either that or I’m a very very angry person with a penchant of letting small things aggravate me to no end.

Over the years I have signed various articles with different names. Under the beginnings it was “Smalls” & eventually “Smalley” or sometimes even “-M”. It doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination to link it to growing in some way if you want to put that much thought into it. Me? I know that it is all just phases of my name Michael Smalley. I mean…come on! How much do you really wanna read in just the way someone signs a post! Hell, I still usually sign it as “-M” if it is a particularly personal post.

The basic overall posts can be be placed into a few categories, which can give you an insight to who and what you are dealing with here:

Rants: Probably a personal favorite of many. I use my sardonic and twisted sense of humor to slash, cut and eviscerate whatever has happened to cross my path and pissed me off. It doesn’t take much and can be co-categorized as Random because they’re so far out there sometimes. The first post ever, while being just an image, was a rant.

Random: This is a weird category, even by my standards. My mind is constantly racing. Anything can spark up a thought and cause me to run with it. This category can be a practice of theory, common sense, oddities to straight humor. It makes up most of my site.

Reviews: I love movies, games, music, Transformers, and oddities. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed with a particular thing that it spills onto the site like a bad ink. I can’t help it. I want to share it.

Personal: Things that affect me outside of my little bubble. From bouts of depression, to odd things that strike me, like Bell’s Palsy, this is written proof that human life is just damn odd. If that doesn’t push that home, the fact that I got stabbed with a serrated hunting knife in the right temple and never went down or stood still will. Life is a rollercoaster to most, to me, it is more like a whole amusement park, and is based out of the fun house.

Personally I don’t care what people think of The Axalon or if they agree or even read it. I do it for me, and my personal entertainment. If others get it, laugh, find it amusing or anything else…that is an added benefit. I pretty much live for laughter and the chance to share it with others. I’ll defend a bad joke like a damsel in distress, and disaggree just to aggrivate. Ask Kevin, my good friend. I do this to him all the time on movies. Why? Because it’s damn funny.

So far this has worked into a bit more about the site rather than myself, but it goes to give a lokk from my point of view, and that works out just fine. If you want to know anything else about me, take a look through the site, it is probably sitting in there.

That pretty much covers this!

Dictated, not read, Smalls, Smalley, Michael, – M, & Elder.

Chapter One “The Inflated Sense of Self-Worth”

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I’ll set the scene. It’s a familiar one. One we’ve all been in numerous times. Lines. We all hate waiting in lines, yet they’re everywhere. I have a theory that once you enter the line, time slows down quite a bit. How much? Well it depends on external factors such as if you’ve got to use the restroom, are sick, have a cranky child, someone else in line has a cranky child, number of items in your purchase, etc. So there I was, waiting in a pharmacy line to pick up some much needed medication for a sinus...

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